How Your Standby Generator Can Protect Your Home From Power Surge Damage

The modern home is full of various items and appliances that rely on electricity to function properly. During a normal day, it’s unlikely that you will see any issues with all the electricity running in your home. However, there are instances where these appliances and devices can be seriously damaged – such as during a power surge. Thankfully, it is possible for you to avoid power surge damage, and this blog will explain everything you need to know. 

What is a power surge and why do they happen?

Effectively, a power surge is where an abnormally high voltage is experienced for a very short period. As a result, the circuit is not prepared for this extreme surge of voltage, meaning issues can occur with everything connected to that circuit. A common problem we often see is circuit boards frying and fuses blowing, damaging various appliances, and creating thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Why do power surges happen?

A variety of things can cause a power surge:

  • Short circuits
  • Lightning storms
  • Nearby power lines that have been damaged
  • Local wildlife interfering with power lines

However, the most common reason for a power surge will be a power outage. This is because the conditions are perfect for a surge of power to occur. During an outage, the voltage will obviously drop dramatically. Then, the power can come back on in an instant, creating a massive surge of power throughout the circuit. 

How do you protect your appliances from power surge damage?

Unfortunately, most power surges cannot be prevented as they tend to happen due to external factors that you have no control over. But, you can protect your home, ensuring that your electronic devices do not succumb to power surge damage. 

The best way to do this is by installing a standby generator on your property. This is something Generator Supercenter of Indianapolis recommends to people all of the time because it is so effective at stopping a power surge from damaging your home. With a standby generator you have something that’s connected to your electrical system. As a consequence, when there’s a power outage, this generator recognizes the problem and immediately kicks in. It starts to power your home, so you don’t experience a blackout. There’s no dip in the voltage, meaning you won’t see a spike that causes a power surge. Everything that’s plugged into your circuit is protected, and you can still use all the devices during the outage. 
We strongly advise that getting a standby power generator is the best course of action to protect your home from power surge damage. To ensure that your generator always functions properly, we have a generator maintenance program. Our team will constantly monitor your generator and make sure everything is working correctly, giving you peace of mind. Feel free to contact us today at 317-827-0808 or Generator Supercenter of Indianapolis to assess how we can assist with your generator needs.

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